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Typical mechanical properties of sand cast alloys

 AlloyStateElastic Limit Ksi/MpaUltimate Limit Ksi/MpaElongationBenefits and Applications
Magnesium AZ91E T4 14/97 36/248 12% Application where elongation is important.
T6 19/132 38/262 3,50% Automobile parts such as transmission casing. Brackets, optimized properties.
T6 mod 15/104 38/262 6 à 8%

T-6 with greater elongation for instrument panels, NDT casings, automobile prototypes.

MRI 202 S T6 25/158 36/250 7% Heat-resistant alloys, mainly for aeronautics
K1A F 5/55 26/180 12% Mechanical shock resistant alloy.
 AlloyStateElastic Limit Ksi/MpaUltimate Limit Ksi/MpaElongationBenefits and Applications
Aluminium A356.2 T51 18/124 26/180 3% Variable application. Mainly for large parts
T6 30/207 42/290 6% Optimized mechanical properties. Different parts in various applications
C355 T6 35/242 45/310 6% Main applications in the field of aeronautics.

Make a Difference with Magnesium

  • Very light weight: Magnesium is 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than aluminum;
  • Best strength to weight ratio of any structural metal;
  • Thin-walled sections: sand casting = 0.080’’ (2 mm);
  • Mechanical properties optimized through heat treatment and grain refinement during melting;
  • Excellent machinability ;
  • Easy welding;
  • Excellent dimensional stability;
  • Good damping capacity and low inertia ;
  • Surface treatment and paint possible;
  • Recyclable;
  • Radio-frequency shielding, non-magnetic, good thermal conductivity.

Typical Applications of Magnesium

  • Automotive parts: prototyping, transmission housings, steering columns bracket, instrument panels, brackets, wheel hubs, etc.
  • Airplane and helicopter parts: gearboxes, etc.
  • Computer components, portable casings;
  • Bicycle and motorcycle parts;
  • Seat frames;
  • Housings for industrial and military equipment;
  • Etc.
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